Real Food Ilkley Market

It’s been a week since my first market stall, time is absolutely flying at the moment! A huge thanks to everyone who came to visit my stall and to those who helped on the day, you’re all superstars 😊

I had so much fun at the Real Food Ilkley Market and met some lovely people. I love the community feel of attending markets, my fellow stallholders were extremely welcoming and friendly and even came around with samples of their goods to try. I had some divine Yorkshire cream liqueur from Carthy and Black, a local producer of gin and whisky liqueur. I loved the taste so much that I bought a bottle for some future baking projects… and to have a glass or two myself of course!

We got some fantastic feedback on our bakes from the local community, everyone seemed delighted by our tasters and we pretty much sold out on the day, so our first market was a success!

Our pear and cardamom bundt cakes were by far our best seller, everyone seemed to love the mini bundt cakes in general which I was so pleased with. Our toffee apple cake also went down a storm and so both the pear and cardamom bundt cakes and the toffee apple layer cake are coming back for my next market stall at Knaresborough’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday 18th November.

We also trialled our Square card reader for the first time and were seriously impressed! It allows you to take contactless and chip and pin payments with a tiny little device, and its all synced wirelessly to your phone. You can track cash payments as well as card on your phone which was so helpful for me to see which of our cakes were the best sellers and how much profit we made on the day! I think it’s a fantastic idea for businesses that are on the go or at market stalls like myself.

As you can see from the photos of the day, the weather was perfect! Although it was freezing when we set up (I definitely needed another layer or two), the sun came out for the whole day and it was a beautiful crisp Autumn day, I couldn’t have asked for more. Hopefully the weather will be just as kind to us this Saturday!

I hope to see some of you at the market in Knaresborough this weekend, I’ve got some new and exciting bakes to share with you which I’ll be announcing this week.

Pecan pie cake- copper spoon cakery

Pecan Pie Cake

Pecan pie is my favourite dessert, I think its completely underrated and so its not often that I see it on a restaurant menu or in a cafe. When I saw the pecan pie cake by Liv for Cake I was so excited to give it a try myself. The result was everything I could dream of… cake AND the gorgeous taste of pecan pie in one!

Pecan pie cake- copper spoon cakery

pecan pie cake close up- copper spoon cakery

pecan pie cake cut- copper spoon cakery

pecan pie cake cut close up- copper spoon cakery

pecan pie cake slice- copper spoon cakery

The brown sugar Swiss meringue buttercream is so delicious and silky and balances perfectly with the crunch of the pecan pie filling… yum!

I’ve decided the next time I bake this cake i’ll tweak a couple of things in the recipe to make the pecan pie filling a little richer with half of the light brown sugar replaced with dark brown sugar, as well as doubling the amount of pecan pie filling to leave a nice thick layer in between the sponges.

This pecan pie cake will be appearing at my market stall at Real Food Ilkley this Sunday, so make sure to come down if you’re intrigued! There will also be Baileys and cappuccino bundt cakes , pumpkin, maple and cinnamon bundt cakes and pear and cardamom bundt cakes. I have two more layer cake flavours to announce so keep your eyes peeled!


Baileys and cappuccino bundt cakes close up- copper spoon cakery

Baileys and Cappuccino Bundt Cakes

I’ve always associated Baileys with winter, but I just couldn’t wait any longer so I’ve cracked open the bottle a little early this year! My two favourite things will be appearing at the Real Food Ilkley market this Sunday…. Baileys and coffee! Introducing the third edition to my autumnal selection, Baileys and cappuccino bundt cakes.

Baileys and cappuccino bundt cakes best- copper spoon cakery

Baileys and cappuccino bundt cakes close up- copper spoon cakery

Baileys and cappuccino bundt cake- copper spoon cakery

Baileys and cappuccino bundt cake cut- copper spoon cakery

The bundt cakes are made with coffee sponge, soaked in a coffee glaze and dipped in Baileys cream cheese glaze. The Baileys glaze packs a punch and the creaminess balances out the sharpness of the coffee sponge nicely. These are definitely an indulgent treat and the perfect snack for a crisp Autumn day with a lovely cup of coffee.

If you’re interested in the autumnal bakes that will be appearing at my first market stall, keep an eye out for blog posts this week where I will announce my chosen flavours. So far I’ve posted the pumpkin bundt cakes with a wonderful maple cinnamon buttercream and streusel topping, and pear and cardamom bundt cakes with a brown butter glaze.

Writing this blog has given me a huge craving for a glass of baileys and ice…. i’ll try and resist until December!

Pear and cardamom cakes- copper spoon cakery

Pear and cardamom bundt cakes with brown butter glaze

In preparation for the Real Food Ilkley market stall on Sunday 5th November, I’ve been creating some seasonal flavours for you all. The first flavour is pumpkin cake with maple cinnamon buttercream and cinnamon streusel, check these out here.

This blog focuses on the second flavour that will feature at my market stall; pear and cardamom cake with brown butter glaze. They have a lovely savoury sponge with the fragrance of the cardamom balancing well with the delicate pear. The brown butter glaze brings it all together and adds a kick of sweetness to the bundt cakes, I think they’ll be a hit!

Pear and cardamom cakes- copper spoon cakery

Pear and cardamom cake- copper spoon cakery

Pear and cardamom cake cut- copper spoon cakery

Pear and cardamom cake cut close up- copper spoon cakery

I’ve never been a big fan of pears because of the texture, but they have a lovely taste once grated into a cake! I’ve baked quite a lot with cardamom in the last year and I absolutely love the bold flavour, it tastes so good with autumn spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Earlier this year I made rhubarb, ginger and cardamom cupcakes and I think they are still my favourite flavour to date, I can’t wait till it’s rhubarb season to make these again! The recipe for these is here if you fancy taking a look.

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or want to treat yourself to some autumn bakes, check out my occasion packages and bespoke cakes to find out what’s on offer.

Keep an eye out for the next autumnal flavour that i’ll be announcing this week!

Halloween cake- copper spoon cakery

Halloween Cobweb Red Velvet Cake

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend! I love fancy dress so Halloween is always a great time of year for me. This year I went to a house party and wore a joint costume with my partner Harry, we had a mountain of cardboard boxes to use from all my business equipment deliveries, so we decided to dress as ‘Cards Against Humanity’. I think we probably entertained ourselves more than anyone, but it was worth it!

Harry and Alice in Halloween Costumes - Copper Spoon Cakery

Of course, I can’t turn up to a Halloween party without a Halloween themed cake! The host of the house party is a big fan of red velvet cake, so I put my own twist on the classic sponge and opted for red velvet sponge, marshmallow fluff cream cheese icing and black chocolate fudge icing. This cake was pure indulgence and you certainly didn’t need a big slice, but the flavours complimented each other nicely.

Halloween cake top- copper spoon cakery

Halloween cake close up- copper spoon cakery

I decorated the cake in marshmallow cobwebs as I had done for a cake the previous year, however, the last time I used marshmallow cobwebs I had used black chocolate ganache which was solid enough to handle being wrapped in the marshmallow. The fudge icing, although delicious, was probably not the best choice for the decoration as the cobwebs dug into the icing and caused a bit of a mess! The end result was a less neat version of the ganache cake, I think it still works though!

What do you have planned for Halloween? Are you celebrating the evening with any themed goodies?

Halloween cake- copper spoon cakery