Hi! My name’s Alice and this is a little intro to my life and the purpose of my blog, Copper Spoon Cakery.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and have very fond memories of my mum’s baking as a child. She is a social butterfly and would often host dinner parties during my younger years. Her cakes have always been divine, but cheesecake was her speciality. I would always be found hanging around on the stairs, hoping and praying that there would be leftover dessert.

From this I decided I wanted to bake and developed a habit of baking every Sunday, much to my parents dismay, often burning cakes and making some questionable creations. But as they say, practice makes perfect!

My university years meant that my love of baking took a side step as I struggled to find the time, money and energy to fuel my passion. Once I joined the working world and discovered why people worship the weekend, I began to find the time to bake again. I remembered again why I had loved to bake as a child and was determined to develop my skills.

I have also been a painter and drawer for most of my life, which is a hobby I have also struggled to incorporate into my adult life. Over the last year I have strived to find a way to combine my artistic skills with my baking, and came to the conclusion of writing this blog.

Headshot 3.jpg


Copper Spoon Cakery is a blog where I can experiment with flavours, colours and designs to bring something a little different to the world of English baking. I’ve noticed from my many hours of following cake companies on social media that the English cake decorating market is still very much focused on royal icing cakes and “novelty” cakes. I want to move away from this and try some new and exciting decorating techniques. My creations are inspired by the Australian cakeries which are wildly colourful, fresh and exciting.

I hope this blog brings you some inspiration to bring a bit of creativity into your everyday life. For those that are purely looking for delicious desserts, there are plenty of recipes that I will post of my favourite bakes, such as my salted caramel chocolate brownies. On the odd occasion that I get time to paint or draw I will also post a bit about my latest work!
Enjoy! X

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