Hi! My name’s Alice and I’m the owner of Copper Spoon Cakery. I’m a self-taught baker with a passion for creating beautiful cakes.

My baking obsession started an early age and was inspired by my mum. Being a social butterfly, she would often host dinner parties during my younger years, baking delicious sponge cakes and creamy cheesecakes (her speciality).

I’ve baked for pretty much as long as I can remember, my passion and creative ideas have certainly blossomed over the years.

I’ve also been a painter and drawer for most of my life, however I struggled to incorporate the hobby into my adult life. Whilst working full time in an office job, I longed for a creative outlet and decided to set up a blog named Copper Spoon Cakery as a way of documenting my bakes and combining my artistic skills with my passion for baking.

Since working full time, I felt there was something missing in my life. A spark I had yet to ignite. It wasn’t long before I realised I had found my calling with Copper Spoon Cakery and so I decided to leave my office job to pursue a career in baking… I’ve never looked back!


Headshot 3.jpg

It’s important to me that my cakes taste as beautiful as they look, so I use locally sourced and organic ingredients wherever possible. My cake flavours are unconventional, a little like myself, and change through the seasons. My intention is to bring something new and exciting to the UK cake market, taking inspiration from Australian cakeries and steering away from the “novelty” cake market.

I hope my creations bring a little bit of happiness to those who taste them. I specialise in bespoke cakes, occasion packages, and local events such as the Real Food Ilkley market, held on the first Sunday of the month.

Please feel free to contact me here with any queries or requests.


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