Halloween cake- copper spoon cakery

Halloween Cobweb Red Velvet Cake

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend! I love fancy dress so Halloween is always a great time of year for me. This year I went to a house party and wore a joint costume with my partner Harry, we had a mountain of cardboard boxes to use from all my business equipment deliveries, so we decided to dress as ‘Cards Against Humanity’. I think we probably entertained ourselves more than anyone, but it was worth it!

Harry and Alice in Halloween Costumes - Copper Spoon Cakery

Of course, I can’t turn up to a Halloween party without a Halloween themed cake! The host of the house party is a big fan of red velvet cake, so I put my own twist on the classic sponge and opted for red velvet sponge, marshmallow fluff cream cheese icing and black chocolate fudge icing. This cake was pure indulgence and you certainly didn’t need a big slice, but the flavours complimented each other nicely.

Halloween cake top- copper spoon cakery

Halloween cake close up- copper spoon cakery

I decorated the cake in marshmallow cobwebs as I had done for a cake the previous year, however, the last time I used marshmallow cobwebs I had used black chocolate ganache which was solid enough to handle being wrapped in the marshmallow. The fudge icing, although delicious, was probably not the best choice for the decoration as the cobwebs dug into the icing and caused a bit of a mess! The end result was a less neat version of the ganache cake, I think it still works though!

What do you have planned for Halloween? Are you celebrating the evening with any themed goodies?

Halloween cake- copper spoon cakery

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