Copper Spoon Cakery Easter Egg Nest Cake

Easter Sunday Cake

I’m a bit late to the mark with this blog post, this last week has been crazy!

For Easter Sunday I spent the day with my partner’s family for a lovely roast lamb and lots of sweet treats, including this Easter themed cake.

The cake was a blend of light, spring flavours and went down a treat. The sponge is a delicate orange blossom and almond cake, layered with homemade orange curd and decorated with mascarpone Swiss meringue buttercream, of which i’d never tried and absolutely loved! I coloured the buttercream pastel green and then speckled the outside with a mix of cocoa powder and vanilla essence.

It’s certainly not the neatest cake I’ve ever made as the icing was so smooth that the cake was determined to fall over. I put some dowelling in the middle and it seemed to hold up in the end, I may try this recipe again when I have more time to let the cake set.

To make the egg nest look more realistic, I used vermicelli noodles covered in chocolate and moulded into a nest shape. I was very happy with the finished look even though it wasn’t edible. However, it did create some great entertainment for me when ย people attempted to eat it before realising it was noodles!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend, mine was so hectic but I got to spend time with family which all that matters.


12 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Cake

  1. MrsDB says:

    The cake was delicious and certainly a big hit with all the family! Well, done Alice, and thank you for making the cake especially for our Easter party.


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