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Copper Spoon Cakery Chocolate Mud Cake Full

Baileys and Butterscotch Mud Cake

I was searching for some flavour inspiration the other week and came across a recipe for Baileys and butterscotch mud cake by Whipped Cake Co. Now let’s make one thing clear, I am totally obsessed with Baileys… it’s alcohol and a dessert in one, what’s not to love?! My mum sometimes makes a white chocolate and Baileys cheesecake and it’s to die for, so I’ve wanted to try it in a cake recipe for a while.

cake decorating

Butterscotch is also one of my favourite cake flavours, it’s so rich and indulgent. I recently made my friend a ‘butterbeer’ Harry Potter cake for her birthday and the flavour was essentially butterscotch. The decoration was a total disaster (hence why there is no blog!) but the flavours were divine, so I was even more intrigued to try the Baileys and butterscotch mud cake.

cake layer 2 sauce

The recipe is available on the Whipped Cake Co blog, so I won’t repeat it unnecessarily. However, I would like to point out that I really struggled with the baking times for this recipe. Whipped Cake Co claim that the cakes take approx 1.5 hours to cook, and this just didn’t sound right to me. After 45 minutes my cakes looked slightly overdone, and when I took them out of the oven a toothpick came out clean. I would recommend cooking these cakes for around 30-40 minutes and checking them. You can always put them in for longer if needed!

As the cakes in this recipe are ‘mud cakes’, they have melted chocolate in and a much denser and tighter crumb than the traditional sponge cake. Mud cakes are very popular in Australia where Whipped Cake Co are based, in fact when I lived there briefly as a child my mum picked up an incredible cake recipe inspired by the film Matilda; the Bruce Bogtrotter cake. As you can imagine, it was incredibly rich and chocolatey and for several years it was my mum’s staple birthday cake, covered with lots of sweets and chocolates… yum!

Cake 1 layer

Going back to the Baileys and butterscotch cake, I was very impressed with the resulting flavours. The Baileys and butterscotch schnapps gave the cake a gorgeous aroma and left behind a delightful boozy flavour.

As for the icings,  I have to say they were delicious! My favourite was definitely the butterscotch buttercream, I only wish I included more of this in the cake. The chocolate buttercream was also lovely, I whipped mine in a stand mixer for over 10 minutes and it was so light and fluffy it tasted like chocolate mousse.

cake layer 2

The butterscotch sauce was also to die for and set nicely as a thick sauce, making it easy to spread onto the mud cake. I intend to use the butterscotch flavours in a future bake as I got such great feedback from my keen taste testers!

For the cake decorations, I created a drip with melted dark chocolate and used a squeeze bottle for extra precision. You can use a teaspoon or a piping bag for this, I just prefer to use my trusty squeeze bottle.


On the top of the cake are Baileys truffles painted with edible gold paint, Oreos, Maltesers, white chocolate Toblerone, chocolate wafer straws and chocolate sprinkles. I also made some chocolate sails covered in chocolate sprinkles and edible gold paint.

cake sneak peak 2

I tend to buy a lot of little gems to decorate my cakes with and I find the best places are actually the likes of Poundland, Poundworld, Home Bargains etc. They have some unusual confectionary and tend to have a large selection for a cheap price, so I would recommend taking a trip to your local store and seeing what they have!

Thanks for reading x

cake full shot


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